Who is dating hugh hefner now

“I learned Hef was the manipulator and that he pitted us against one another,” she said. I haven’t talked to him in four years, so there’s no reason to reach out now.

And I just couldn't believe that people couldn't see that that was better.(She also describes Hef as a "hoarder" with "endless desire for momentos.") 3.Hef offered Madison a quaalude out of a crumpled tissue on her first night out clubbing with him.They talk into what looks like a big round rock, and a disembodied voice questions and admits them, sometimes sounding surprised about it—"Oh, hey, you come up" — and the gate swings open, revealing a hedge-lined driveway and two yellow warning signs: BRAKE FOR ANIMALS and PLAYMATES AT PLAY.The Mansion soon looms at the top of a rise, a Gothic pile with leaded glass windows that overlook immaculate grounds tended by men in green work shirts, each with the familiar white rabbit stitched on the chest.

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