Usps express mail international tracking not updating

Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express shipments include online tracking.Please wait 24-48 hours for the tracking code to update on the USPS website.I would appreciate any measures taken against the USPS organization to prevent them of doing such a things to its customers. My mother in Texas mailed a package to my daughter in California on May 17th. The issue is not resolved, I have not spoken to anyone (beginning to doubt that anyone actually works for USPS) and there is no other recourse.The package arrived at the distribution center in Bell Gardens where it has been sitting since May 20th. 2 weeks ago my mother called USPS and they "claimed" that they found the package in Bell Gardens and that it was heavily damaged, yet even the package that they heavily damaged hasn't made it to our home yet. Will attempt filing a complaint with USPS Consumer Affairs on Monday, but I expect the same amount of complete ineptitude from them. I'm sure you must show that your IQ is below 75 before being given a job there.It seems most international shipments arrive within two weeks but occasionally take longer.charged during the process of delivering your order.More generally, PC Postage providers (eg software that helps you print USPS postage from your PC or computer) provide access to Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) and in most cases that is what the Post Office is set up to refund.Don’t worry – Shipping Easy will refund any remaining difference between what the Post Office is able to refund and the total postage price paid on Shipping Easy.

When I was shopping at USPS office in Blaine, WA for some fastest services available its clerk had recommended its fast 3-5 working days anywhere in the world.

Now Express Mail does have tracking built in to the purchase of the express mail postage. THIS IS JUST TYPICAL US POSTAL "LACK OF SERVICE" Still waiting in Hawaii it's beena little while and what I found out is even the private courriers can't next day air anything to Hawaii, it's 2nd day services that actually is what they can only supply our shipments. Then at the last several minutes I got an email (I subscribed to the track & confirm by email) that it got delivered to my house. And the first email I got from this was the starting point as to where my package is currently located. tracking has no use if you can't see what has happened to your post.

It doesn't update me on where it was heading next, either. I'm sure Airborne is good too but I never used them before. I'm upset that most of the stuff I ordered used USPS. why do they even bother placing a tracking number if they do not update daily? Paul Minnesota was sent to me in two packages; the first one got here in a week(!

i've recently purchased an ebay item where the seller used the usps priority mail to ship it..kindly enough sent me the tracking information for it...

so naturally i go to the site to get tracking information..a lie.

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