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He was welcomed by his uncle who’d arrived three years before.

Today, Oleksander is a successful sports personality with a comfortable salary.

When choosing a transfer system, please pay attention not only to the fee, but also to the currency exchange rate.

How you choose to send money to the Ukraine depends on your priorities are but ultimately there are three main options: Using a high street bank, a Money Sending bureau or a foreign exchange specialist like Xendpay.

The receiver can get money in cash from Western Union agent location. Avangard Bank If you have an account in Avangard, you can send money from its online bank. Uralsib Bank If there is a bank account in Uralsib, you can send money from online or mobile bank, and you’re your bank account in Uralsib office.

For payout in rubles Disclaimers: *The money transfer fees shall take effect from 18 April 2016.

It means that Western Union clients will not be able to send cash from the agent locations.

The restriction doesn’t extend to money transfers from banking cards and bank accounts. On If you have a banking card issued in Russia, you can send money on

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Oleksander was 10 years old when his parents sent him to Australia in 1992.

Even though he doesn’t get to the Ukraine as often as he’d like, he sends money to his parents two to three times a month to help with expenses and also for plane tickets to Australia.

Oleksander keeps an eye on fluctuating interest rates and transfer fees to make sure his parents get the most out of the exchange.

No matter what reason you wish to send money, Western Union is passionate about helping you.

With revised transfer fees* to the Ukraine and money that can be picked up in minutes**, Western Union offers a service that benefits from our decades of experience, and uses that experience to help you. Money Transfers to Ukraine since June 20, 2017 The law restricting money transfers without bank account from Russia to Ukraine is effective since June 20, 2017.

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