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OUR Walmart, a digital labor network of more than 100,000 Walmart employees, is using an artificially intelligent chatbot called Work It to spread information among workers ahead of the holiday shopping season.According to Walmart workers asked to speak on an OUR Walmart press call, employees are only able to access information on company policies at work if they use a manager’s computer using a system called “the wire.” As a result, they said it was sometimes difficult to research company policy on issues like sexual harassment and sick time.Welcome to the world of computer-assisted self-bondage (LINK IS VERY VERY NSFW! Using Arduinos, Heath Robinson-esque contraptions involving keys held in CD trays, and Bluetooth-enabled electrostim machines, men and women have programmed their own doms or dommes.A truly merciless dominant who will randomly please or hurt, and there's nothing the user can do about it.One of the most common ones is a "fake chat" ad—an attractive woman propositioning the user with the promise of, at least, some hot Facebook or Snapchat messages. Because tech developments in other areas are about to turn the whole "sex with your PC" deal from "crude and somewhat rubbish" to "looks like the AIs just took a really unexpected job away". I'm rather enthusiastic about that on a fictional level.

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Currently, the app is available only on Android devices, but OUR Walmart plans to bring it to i OS later this year.“Being unable to access policy online when you are at work makes difficult to know when you are breaking policy — or understand how managers are using policies against you,” said Mississippi Walmart worker Joanna Chambers.

Organisms with albino mutations are pretty weird in general, but albino plants are extra weird.

Ultra-rare albino redwood trees completely lack the green pigment chlorophyll, which they need to live (by photosynthesizing nutrients from light). They are pale (everwhite instead of evergreen), and they survive by sucking the life from other trees.

“In a few years, it will be hard to imagine any technology that doesn’t tap into the power of AI,” said Harry Shum, Microsoft executive vice president for the AI (artificial intelligence) and research group. Holger Mueller, principal analyst at Constellation Research, says that “in general, chatbot uptake has been slow across the industry.

While frameworks exist, there is uncertainty about popular platforms.”Facebook has grappled with the tepid roll out of chat bots even as it is doubling down on the concept—many nascent chatbots have been buggy or aggravating.

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