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It's undeniably a great-looking film, i just found a matter of life and death to be too harebrained to take seriously as a piece of important cinema.

Nation met a cast of characters during the season 13 premiere who are now off and running with the TV competition for Rachel Lindsay's heart.

In real life however, there couldn’t be more love between everyone from Justin (Brandon Flynn) and Jessica (Alisha Boe) to Hannah.

We wouldn’t know the “Urkel dance,” be able to say, “Did I do that!? But the whole show that was “Family Matters” was pretty landmark, and who doesn’t miss the days of scripted shows where the black family was shown in a positive light (and they tackled tough issues! In real life, after “Family Matters,” Vel Johnson guest starred on “The Parkers, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” and most recently, he guest starred on the popular CBS show “Mike & Molly.” He did have a role on the CW show “Hart of Dixie” before it was canceled, and he has been in the movies Source: Kellie Shanygne Williams Laura Winslow spent a lot of her time dating interesting dudes, being the very intelligent Winslow child, rocking the cutest hairstyles, and dodging the attempts by Steve Urkel to make her his boo.

Ahead of Monday's launch, the reality star revealed the role she had in casting her men while speaking to . I date Asian, Hispanic, and have dated Middle Eastern men.

"I just wanted to see a diverse group," the 32-year-old Dallas attorney explained. I wanted the people coming out of the limousine to reflect my dating history — and I wasn't disappointed."See photos of Rachel Lindsay: JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' airs every weeknight at p.m.

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