Dating a butterface

One boy, Lucky O'Leary, starts to find the cracks in her hard shell and finds himself falling for her.

Only Lucky has a secret--he needs t When love isn't lucky..pretty.

We need to be excited physically about the person we’re with. Could you date a girl 30 pounds overweight with the perfect face? For all the women reading the blog today, I would like you to chime in and tell me if there’s a female equivalent.

The face that even in the glow of the i Phone while texting in bed at night, is absolutely amazing. But the problem with that face is it’s attached to a body that when naked doesn’t really do much for you. It leads to a relationship where you’re monitoring their diet, hoping they’ll go to the gym. If you’re a fitness nut, can you date the girl with the perfect face who’s 30 pounds overweight? What if you’re a body person and you’re hit with the most perfect body you’ve ever been with, but the face isn’t exactly what you like, can you do it? And once again for those of you right now that are getting all pissed off because it’s the inside that counts, beauty is on the inside… We all need to be attracted to the person we’re with.

Buttaface dervives from "but her face is a mess." Mess as in ugly.

None of the examples you list have ugly faces and banging bodies. Great body but his face is a mess.[italic]Prince Harry is popular with gay organizations in the UK because he is secure enough in his sexuality to goof around with male friends and kiss them.[/italic]That doesn't make him "pro-gay".

I don't know if I could date someone I'm only halfway attracted to.

I [23M] found out that my younger sister [16F] was sent away to a religious camp for her sexuality by my evangelical parents [59 M/52 F], who lied and took money from me (I believe) to fund it. I (51F) want to move with my son (17M) out of our neighborhood because he has gotten involved with a serious gang retaliation situation.

My husband (63M) doesn't want to because he has 'roots' in the neighborhood.

Now I feel extremely shallow, but I think most people want to be attracted to their date.

Yes, I am aware that I start talking to too many guys. ive been in the situation where, i didnt think they were cute at first but hte more i got to know them and i liked their personality, the more attractive ive began to find them.

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