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The persona of Mystery was created by Erik von Markovik in the late 1990s for his mentalist act, entitled "Natural Magic".The name Mystery was also used by von Markovik as his internet nickname and pen name.The seduction community has been receiving extensive exposure within the last years.Neil Strauss wrote a book this year named "The Game: Penerating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists" which is a handbook and biography about himself, Mystery, and the beginnings of the PUA community.He moved on to the Village Voice, where he did everything from copy-editing to fact-checking before becoming a regular reporter and critic.

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Having written extensively for 'Rolling Stone' magazine on artists like Eric Clapton and Nirvana.

We've even got documentary film maker Jeff Hays (Jeff Hays Films) on our list of partners.

As things continue to unfold, I'm humbled by the caliber of partners we continually attract and collaborate with.

After graduating high school from the Latin School of Chicago, Strauss attended Vassar College.

While in school he began his career writing for Ear, an avant-garde magazine, and editing his first book, Radiotext(e), an anthology of radio-related writings for the postmodern publisher Semiotext(e).

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