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“I used to come here all the time and get wasted,” he said.“I think I threw up on every corner here before I was 18.” While reminiscing about those days, he mentioned how one time, after a date with a girl from Penn State, she passed out on her couch.See full summary » Three minutes in to her set, Amy Schumer claims that all good comedians have a "leather special," where they wear all leather and regret it later in their careers--this is hers. See full summary » In her second one-hour Comedy Central special, taped at the Barclay Theatre in Irvine, CA, Cummings shares brutally honest insights about love and relationships, covering everything from ...

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Yes, a joke can be a one-liner built from a setup and a punch line, but it can also be an act of physical comedy.It’s this type of no-holds-barred comedy that makes Jeselnik stand out on the comedy scene. Jeselnik, however, really doesn’t care who he might offend, a very rare trait among comedians.The only one who might rival him in that respect is Daniel Tosh.In Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, Schumer's hour-long HBO special filmed at the glorious Apollo theater in New York, Schumer expresses shock at the fact that she's been labeled as a "sex comic." She makes the understandable assertion that a male comic could come on stage, whip out his genitals, and still be labeled as a thinker while she has immediately been branded as a comic who focuses largely on sex and grossout humor.Her point would have validity if you weren't able to take all the parts that talk about sex, semen, sex acts, and other wonders and insights about intercourse out of Live at the Apollo and be left with roughly twenty-five minutes of material.

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